How to Handle Expenses and Insurance if You Own a Fleet of Vespas?


The Vespa isn’t a very popular ride in most parts of the world but its importance is still undeniable. There are some parts of the world where people feel proud while riding a Vespa. Having a fleet of Vespas clearly means that you are using them for product delivery purpose or you are using them to rent out to the tourists that are visiting a particular place. There are some tourist spots where Vespas are considered to be really important and the visitors spend a lot of money on taking a Vespa on rent.

Therefore, there are many people that are using Vespas to run their business. No matter what purpose you are using these Vespas for, the insurance and other costs are extremely important in every situation and you can’t run away from them. However, you can find several ways to handle them in a way that they do not appear to be a burden for you.

We recommend that you should learn these ways to manage your Vespas carefully otherwise, you’d have to shut your business soon due to a myriad of expenses. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind if you want to handle expenses and insurance if you own a fleet of Vespas.

Electrical engines

The electrical engines have helped a lot in reducing the fuel consumption. In the beginning, these engines were introduced in the cars only but the auto industry experts are now manufacturing electrical engines for all types of vehicles. And the good news for Vespa owners is that they can now install the electrical engine in their Vespa and reduce the fuel consumption costs. The best thing about electrical engines is that they also play an important role in reducing the maintenance costs. So, you’re going to enjoy a lot of benefits if you get the electrical engines integrated into your Vespas.


The maintenance is very important for every vehicle that moves on the road. So, you must carefully check the performance of your Vespas every day and then send them for repair and maintenance if you find any issue with them. In fact, you should hire a person for this purpose so that he can easily identify the issues and fix them instantly. Thus, the repair and maintenance charges will also be decreased. There are many interesting tips shared on that will help you reduce the repair and maintenance costs on Vespas. So, make sure that you take some time to read these tips.


The insurance is very important for all the Vespas you own so, you can’t run away from it. However, you can ask the insurance company to provide you special discounts for getting your Vespas insured. And we are sure that they would definitely provide you huge discounts based on the number of Vespas that you own. Here is more information about how to handle expenses and insurance if you own a fleet of Vespas.

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The Benefits of Owning a Vespa – From Low Insurance to Gas Savings


The Vespa is one of the best vehicles that one may own. There are many remarkable benefits of using a vespa. You can easily travel from one location to another and the best thing is that it doesn’t take enough time to travel. You can easily ride your vespa among other vehicles because of its small size while if you are riding on a car or bus, you can understand the difficulties you may face.

It takes a lot of time to reach from one place to another while you are on a car. On the other hand, the Vespa helps in cutting time and it easily takes you to your destination in a very short span of time. Today, we are going to talk about some remarkable benefits that one may enjoy after buying a Vespa. If you are living in a highly populated area, then a Vespa may be the perfect option for you to travel to different places.

Here are some benefits that you can enjoy if you own a Vespa.

Save money

The Vespa is the perfect option to save your money if you regularly travel from one place to another. Usually, the buses are considered to be the most economical way of travelling to different places. But when you travel by bus, you have to face many difficulties like waiting for too long and sometimes, you may have to walk to reach your exact destination.

But the Vespa can help you reach your exact destination and the cost is almost equal to a bus ticket. The buses have to stay at different stations, therefore, the Vespa is a better option to reach your destination. If you have some budget problems, then you should choose the Vespa as your travelling companion.

And the best part is that the insurance plans for Vespa are also available at very affordable rates. So, if you want to avail the best insurance plans, you should purchase a Vespa as your travel partner. If you start looking for very cheap auto insurance plan, you’d find that the insurance plans for Vespa are lower than all other vehicles. Therefore, you must choose a Vespa if you have some budget problems.

Time saving

The vespa also helps you save a lot of time while travelling to different places. You don’t need to wait for other vehicles to move forward as you can easily find your way forward by moving between the vehicles. You can even take some shortcuts because Vespa can easily move in the narrow passages. Thus, you’d be able to reach your desired location without wasting your time. Here are some other benefits of using a Vespa.

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Why LED lights are beneficial for your work truck?


If you frequently drive a work truck, then you must be aware of the issues that someone can face while driving a work truck. The problems in the lights are very common that most of the truck owners have reported. If you are also the one that constantly faces some issues with the light, then you must consider applying the LED lights to your truck.

LED lights can bring many amazing benefits to you. In today’s article, we are going to talk about benefits that you can obtain from the LED lights if you are a driver of a work truck. There are many different kinds of LED work lights available these days that you can buy for your work truck according to your needs. You can also choose the color and design of the lights.

Make sure that you only purchase the LED lights from a reliable supplier because there are many fake suppliers that are selling fake material. So, you must try to avoid such kind of scams, therefore, you must only purchase the LED lights from reliable sellers. Here are some important benefits that you can obtain from LED lights if you own a work truck.

Make things more visible

The LED lights are much better than the other kinds of lights and they can make things more visible to you. The beauty of LED lights is that they provide you the better vision even if you are driving in the foggy weather. Thus, you’ll be able to drive safely on the roads because safety is the major concern of most of the truck drivers.

Avoiding accidents

The LED lights do not only help in making other vehicles visible to you but they also help in increasing your visibility. You can apply the LED lights on different parts of the truck to help others see you on the road. Thus, the other drivers would carefully drive when they are trying to overtake. This will help you stay safe from many kinds of problems.

Energy efficient

The LED lights are a much better option when it comes to talking about the cost. These lights help you save a lot of money as they do not consume a lot of battery. The LED lights consume only a few volts to shine. So, you won’t have to change your battery again and again.

Easily available

Another incredible benefit of LED lights is that these lights are now easily available in almost all parts of the world. So, you are not going to face any kind of problem if the lights suddenly stop working due to some reason. There are many other benefits of LED lights that you can obtain if you are a truck owner. Here is a list of benefits that you are going to enjoy with the LED lights.

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The best tours in Maui you can see on your Vespa


Visiting Maui is not less than a dream come true. Maui is one of the most beautiful places in the world that everybody loves to visit at least once in his life. Millions of Tourists from around the world come to see this beautiful spot every year.

Visitors who come to Hawaii do not return to their home unless they visit all the important spots of Maui because there are plenty of attractions available for them they can see when visiting this beautiful town.

Today, we’re going to show this beautiful town from a different perspective that will definitely make this tour more adventurous for you. What’s so big about visiting on a bus, car or bike?

You must do something that makes you feel the adventure in its real way. Don’t worry we are not going to ask you walk around the town to see different places as we know that it does nothing but ruins the entire tour.

What we’re going to tell you is something that will definitely grab your attention. Yes, we’re talking about riding a Vespa to visit different popular spots in Maui.

It may appear to be strange and funny but once you try this idea you’ll realize it’s really worth it. Riding on Vespa around the town is an amazing experience that adds a lot of adventure to your tour.

Taking a look at Maui Tours Reviews here will help you find out that there are many people who have tried this idea and they all were very satisfied with this unique idea. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful places that you must visit on your Vespa in Maui.


Haleakala is the highest point in Maui and everybody loves to visit this point as they get to see many beautiful things when traveling to Haleakala. Haleakala in itself is filled with lots of beauty. Your tour to Haleakala will not be interesting if you consider going there through the bus or other transport. Vespa is a quality vehicle that helps you take a look at the entire beauty of Haleakala.

You can take a stay on different beautiful spots to capture some photos. If you can’t bring your Vespa, you can get one from a store at rent. There are multiple stores in Haleakala that offer Vespa on rent at pocket-friendly rates.

Road to Hana

Tour on the road to Hana on your Vespa will also be an amazing experience for you. You’ll get to see the amazing beauty of a rainforest throughout your journey. There are different kinds of waterfalls, lava cliffs and beautiful beaches here that you’ll enjoy watching.

If you don’t have any idea of the direction of the road to Hana, you may take a look at Guide To The Road To Hana Tours Reviewed here.

We recommend that you don’t stay in Hana and keep traveling unless you reach Kipahulu because Kipahulu is the more beautiful place to visit as compared to Hana. While staying at Kipahulu area, you can hike to different locations to experience the amazing looks of nature. Click here and learn more about how can you enjoy Vespa ride in Maui

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Bring a new life to your Vespa’s battery with these battery reconditioning tips


At the time when car batteries stopped working we discard them and replace them with the other batteries but do you know that you can repair those batteries and can use them again for your car or Vespa?

Here are the tips through which you can repair your dead batteries of the car or Vespa and you can keep them for your use. It will save your money too. Consider taking a look at the EZ battery reconditioning reviews.


First, in order to keep the battery alive, you should inject distilled water in the battery. Distilled water helps in cleaning your battery and it also helps in recharging your battery.

If your Vespa battery is dead then the first step you should do is to keep the check on the distilled water and keep injecting the water inside the battery you are satisfied that the battery is full and you need to go to the next step to repair the battery.


After filling the battery with the water you need to make sure that the water is combining with the acid. Due to the dead acid, our batteries stop working and we have to replace it but mechanics out there repair the batteries and sell at good prices.

They will never tell you what they are going to do with those batteries. You need to fill the battery with the distilled water and the acid inside the battery which is dead will reactivate again and your battery will be near the point of charging.


You need to wait until bubbles start popping out of the batteries. After mixing the distilled water with the acid you have to wait for about 5-8 minutes to let the both mix perfectly.

If after sometime bubbles start coming out of the battery then it means your battery is coming to the life and it will be good to use. This is what mechanics do when they got a dead battery from the customer and they make it reusable again.


Now you have to throw out the wasted water from the 3 holes of the battery or you can inject them out of the battery. After throwing out the water from the battery don’t cover the hole until the battery is charged till 6.9v.

After throwing out the water from the battery you should put it in charge and keep the check on your battery after every hour. You need to dry out the battery with the tissue and cover the battery again like it was before.


You can sell your Vespa’s battery at a good price and if you want to keep the battery for the use of your Vespa then you can. In most of the cases when you go to the mechanic for the battery changing, they offer you to use the repaired battery in fewer prices.

They repair dead batteries in the same way and now you can repair the dead battery as well in the way we have told you and you can sell it.

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Tips for Diagnosing Car Problems – Beginner’s Guide


If you own a car, you must learn some basic techniques to diagnose car problems because sometimes, you may get stuck in the middle of nowhere and you won’t be able to contact any car expert. In this situation, you’d be the only person who is going to diagnose the problem. In fact, this helps you understand several functions of the car and prevents you from wasting money on minor repairs. Click Here and take a look at some tips for diagnosing car problems.

Well, most of the people believe that their car won’t stop in the middle of the road if they take it for regular maintenance. These car owners should understand that car is just a machine and it can stop working at any point. Let’s take a look at a very simple example. Last year, I was going on a trip with my family and the lights of the dashboard suddenly went off.

It was really scary for me but the good thing is that I had a friend that was very good at diagnosing car problems. So, I called him and he told me to replace a fuse that is found under the dashboard. So, you can understand the fear that one may face in this situation if they do not get access to any kind of help. Today, we are going to make this problem easier for you by providing you some tips on diagnosing car problems.

We recommend that you should read this article too, good stuff shared in this article is going to help you a lot. Let’s take a look at the tips for diagnosing car problems.

Keep essential tools

There are some tools that you may need in order to diagnose the problems. Make sure that you keep those tools with you all the time. Multifunctional hand tools and power tools are going to help you a lot because they do not cover enough space and they can easily fix your problem. Similarly, there are some basic car accessories you should keep with you so that you can replace them in case of an emergency.

Spare tyre

The spare tyre is the most basic need of every car owner. You should keep a good spare tyre with you so that you can use it to replace the punctured tyre. Nowadays, most of the cars come with the tubeless tyres that enable you to reach the mechanic even if they get punctured. However, you should still keep a spare tyre with you because nobody knows how long you would have to travel in order to reach the mechanic.

Watch videos daily

There are many car repair videos available online for your help. You must watch those videos every day so that you can understand several functions of the car. Thus, you’d be able to address several minor issues if a function stops working instantly. Here are some other tips for diagnosing car problems.

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The best gear to protect yourself on a vespa when it’s raining


The Vespa is a very comfortable and convenient ride that you can use to travel to and from the work. But there is a problem with this ride that it can’t provide you the proper protection during rain as it is not totally covered like a car. However, there are different kinds of accessories that you can use to make this ride safe and secure even during the rain.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about those accessories that you can use to stay protected on your Vespa during the rain. Usually, people avoid riding the Vespa during the rain because they consider it to be extremely risky. However, if you purchase the essential equipment for your Vespa, you won’t have to be worried at all because it would make you feel extremely comfortable and safe while you are riding your Vespa.

Here are the accessories that you can purchase to protect yourself on a Vespa during the rain.

Wind protector

The wind protector is the most important accessory that must be applied to the Vespa. The wind protector does not only protect you during the rain but it also provides you protection against the dirt and dust and it also keeps you safe from the strong wind. The wind protector is a stiff glass that is applied at the top of your Vespa’s handle. This protector provides you a clear view while protecting you from different objects. However, your vision would be affected if it’s raining. In this situation, the wiper blades may help in cleaning the wind protector.

So, you must also buy the wiper blades for your wind protector to continue a safe journey. The wiper blades are available on all the automotive stores. Make sure that you conduct proper research before making a purchase so that you may find the best wiper blades for the money.

High-quality tires

The tires of the Vespa may make it difficult for you to ride on the slippery road during the rain. Therefore, you must consider applying high-quality tires to your Vespa so that they may provide you extra protection during the rain. The benefit of applying good quality tires is that they will keep you safe from an accident and they will also help you save a lot of money as they last very long. So, if you want to save money on tires, you must consider buying high-quality tires for your Vespa.


If you are not interested in applying a glass protector on your Vespa, you must consider buying a helmet because the helmet can also help you continue your journey during the rain. The helmet is not only useful during the rain but it also provides you extreme protection in your daily routine as it helps you stay safe in case of an accident.

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Taking your Vespa to the next level with these accessories


The Vespa is a very beautiful ride and you can enjoy this ride when traveling to different areas. Usually, girls ride the Vespa as it is a very comfortable ride for them. However, there are many boys that prefer riding Vespa on some particular events. If you’re also a Vespa rider and want to apply some unique changes to your Vespa, then you have come to the right place because here we’re going to show you some ideas that will help you accessorize your Vespa in a more functional way.

The accessories we are going to mention here are easily available in all the popular cities and you can apply them by yourself or you can also take help from an expert mechanic to apply these ideas. These ideas will not only help you change the entire look of the Vespa but they’ll also help add more functionality to your incredible ride.

The use of aftermarket ATV accessories in Vespas is very common these days but there are several other ideas that are rarely found elsewhere. Let’s take a look at those ideas so you can add them to your Vespa to make it more beautiful and more functional.

Fog Lamps

Most of the Vespas have spots at the bottom where you can apply the Fog lamps so, you must use those spots and apply the compatible fog lamps to them. Most of the people consider riding the Vespa during the fog season because it is the most comfortable and secure ride that helps you stay safe from the dangerous accidents.

The fog lamps will help you keep an eye on the road during the fog and they’ll also work as an indication for the front vehicles.

Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission is usually found in the cars but as you know that the gear system of Vespa is quite different than other vehicles so, you must apply the automatic transmission to your Vespa if you face difficulty in changing the gears while riding. The automatic transmission will make things easier for you and you’ll be able to keep an eye on the other vehicles.

The difficulty in changing the gears can distract your attention and put you in a dangerous situation.


The tracker is the best feature that can help you make sure that your ride is safe and secure all the time. You can easily keep an eye on the movement of your vehicle. Most of the bikes come with the pre-installed trackers but the Vespas lack this feature and you need to get this feature added to your ride if you want to protect it from the thieves.

Security System

The security system will help you protect your ride from the thieves as the Vespa will send you a warning on your phone if someone is trying to steal your Vespa. A security system is installed in your Vespa that stays active all the time. This system helps you make sure that your Vespa is safe from the thieves.

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    • Wooden boat tour to the Kornati archipelago of Croatia, beautiful 89 islands. G.B. Shaw, bedazzled by their beauty, wrote: “On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath.”

    • Capacity 100 people. Minimum 50 people. Thursday and Friday. – Departure – 9:00
      – Sailing Pasman Channel to the Kornati islands – approx. 2 hours
      – Sailing arround Dugi Otok high rocks
      – 2 hour break at PP Telascica cove – swimming
      – 30 min sail to Katina island
      – Lunch at Katina fisherman’s house
      – Return to Biograd – 17:30

      Included in the price:
      – Breakfast on boat – sandwich (ham, cheese)
      – Lunch – Grilled meat and fish, bread, salad
      – Unlimited wine, water, juice (Beer and Coke extra charge)
      – Ticket to PP Telascica

PRICE: 260 HRK/person (~34€)

For Vespa Accessories and How To Troubleshoot Vespa. Click here.

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