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The best gear to protect yourself on a vespa when it’s raining


The Vespa is a very comfortable and convenient ride that you can use to travel to and from the work. But there is a problem with this ride that it can’t provide you the proper protection during rain as it is not totally covered like a car. However, there are different kinds of accessories that you can use to make this ride safe and secure even during the rain.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about those accessories that you can use to stay protected on your Vespa during the rain. Usually, people avoid riding the Vespa during the rain because they consider it to be extremely risky. However, if you purchase the essential equipment for your Vespa, you won’t have to be worried at all because it would make you feel extremely comfortable and safe while you are riding your Vespa.

Here are the accessories that you can purchase to protect yourself on a Vespa during the rain.

Wind protector

The wind protector is the most important accessory that must be applied to the Vespa. The wind protector does not only protect you during the rain but it also provides you protection against the dirt and dust and it also keeps you safe from the strong wind. The wind protector is a stiff glass that is applied at the top of your Vespa’s handle. This protector provides you a clear view while protecting you from different objects. However, your vision would be affected if it’s raining. In this situation, the wiper blades may help in cleaning the wind protector.

So, you must also buy the wiper blades for your wind protector to continue a safe journey. The wiper blades are available on all the automotive stores. Make sure that you conduct proper research before making a purchase so that you may find the best wiper blades for the money.

High-quality tires

The tires of the Vespa may make it difficult for you to ride on the slippery road during the rain. Therefore, you must consider applying high-quality tires to your Vespa so that they may provide you extra protection during the rain. The benefit of applying good quality tires is that they will keep you safe from an accident and they will also help you save a lot of money as they last very long. So, if you want to save money on tires, you must consider buying high-quality tires for your Vespa.


If you are not interested in applying a glass protector on your Vespa, you must consider buying a helmet because the helmet can also help you continue your journey during the rain. The helmet is not only useful during the rain but it also provides you extreme protection in your daily routine as it helps you stay safe in case of an accident.

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