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Bring a new life to your Vespa’s battery with these battery reconditioning tips


At the time when car batteries stopped working we discard them and replace them with the other batteries but do you know that you can repair those batteries and can use them again for your car or Vespa?

Here are the tips through which you can repair your dead batteries of the car or Vespa and you can keep them for your use. It will save your money too. Consider taking a look at the EZ battery reconditioning reviews.


First, in order to keep the battery alive, you should inject distilled water in the battery. Distilled water helps in cleaning your battery and it also helps in recharging your battery.

If your Vespa battery is dead then the first step you should do is to keep the check on the distilled water and keep injecting the water inside the battery you are satisfied that the battery is full and you need to go to the next step to repair the battery.


After filling the battery with the water you need to make sure that the water is combining with the acid. Due to the dead acid, our batteries stop working and we have to replace it but mechanics out there repair the batteries and sell at good prices.

They will never tell you what they are going to do with those batteries. You need to fill the battery with the distilled water and the acid inside the battery which is dead will reactivate again and your battery will be near the point of charging.


You need to wait until bubbles start popping out of the batteries. After mixing the distilled water with the acid you have to wait for about 5-8 minutes to let the both mix perfectly.

If after sometime bubbles start coming out of the battery then it means your battery is coming to the life and it will be good to use. This is what mechanics do when they got a dead battery from the customer and they make it reusable again.


Now you have to throw out the wasted water from the 3 holes of the battery or you can inject them out of the battery. After throwing out the water from the battery don’t cover the hole until the battery is charged till 6.9v.

After throwing out the water from the battery you should put it in charge and keep the check on your battery after every hour. You need to dry out the battery with the tissue and cover the battery again like it was before.


You can sell your Vespa’s battery at a good price and if you want to keep the battery for the use of your Vespa then you can. In most of the cases when you go to the mechanic for the battery changing, they offer you to use the repaired battery in fewer prices.

They repair dead batteries in the same way and now you can repair the dead battery as well in the way we have told you and you can sell it.

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Author:Steve Flores