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Taking your Vespa to the next level with these accessories


The Vespa is a very beautiful ride and you can enjoy this ride when traveling to different areas. Usually, girls ride the Vespa as it is a very comfortable ride for them. However, there are many boys that prefer riding Vespa on some particular events. If you’re also a Vespa rider and want to apply some unique changes to your Vespa, then you have come to the right place because here we’re going to show you some ideas that will help you accessorize your Vespa in a more functional way.

The accessories we are going to mention here are easily available in all the popular cities and you can apply them by yourself or you can also take help from an expert mechanic to apply these ideas. These ideas will not only help you change the entire look of the Vespa but they’ll also help add more functionality to your incredible ride.

The use of aftermarket ATV accessories in Vespas is very common these days but there are several other ideas that are rarely found elsewhere. Let’s take a look at those ideas so you can add them to your Vespa to make it more beautiful and more functional.

Fog Lamps

Most of the Vespas have spots at the bottom where you can apply the Fog lamps so, you must use those spots and apply the compatible fog lamps to them. Most of the people consider riding the Vespa during the fog season because it is the most comfortable and secure ride that helps you stay safe from the dangerous accidents.

The fog lamps will help you keep an eye on the road during the fog and they’ll also work as an indication for the front vehicles.

Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission is usually found in the cars but as you know that the gear system of Vespa is quite different than other vehicles so, you must apply the automatic transmission to your Vespa if you face difficulty in changing the gears while riding. The automatic transmission will make things easier for you and you’ll be able to keep an eye on the other vehicles.

The difficulty in changing the gears can distract your attention and put you in a dangerous situation.


The tracker is the best feature that can help you make sure that your ride is safe and secure all the time. You can easily keep an eye on the movement of your vehicle. Most of the bikes come with the pre-installed trackers but the Vespas lack this feature and you need to get this feature added to your ride if you want to protect it from the thieves.

Security System

The security system will help you protect your ride from the thieves as the Vespa will send you a warning on your phone if someone is trying to steal your Vespa. A security system is installed in your Vespa that stays active all the time. This system helps you make sure that your Vespa is safe from the thieves.

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